She Shall Be Called Woman

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A vision

March, 2017

Who is she that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?

(Songs 6:10)

I saw Woman rising. I saw her from the waist up. Whether she was coming up out of the ground or coming in from heaven, I couldn’t tell, both can be true. She was arising, appearing, emerging. She was of pure gold, refined in fire, burnished, no flaw. She was holy and pure. She was terrible in the sense that she inspired awe, even dread and could not be stopped. She was impervious to anything cast at her, because she was made of gold; it could not enter her, it glanced off her. She was beautiful in the sight of God.

About two weeks later I saw her again. This time she came from the heavens, filled the heavens and was pressing into Earth’s sphere. It was awe-full, I could hardly breathe. I believe she is coming in a way she has not come or been seen before in the Earth. I believe she is gathering women up into herself. She is a sign and a wonder and those who let themselves be gathered up into her will be like her.

She comes from God and is the other half of the image of God. She is holy; she is awe-ful in her holiness and beauty. She commands awe and honour both from men and women, not because she needs it but because of where she comes from and who she is. She is every bit man’s equal, but gender equality is too petty to be on her agenda. She rides far above it. She comes with the host of heaven, she is from heaven. I saw a very holy thing. I saw something from God that belonged so totally to him and was so much of him that neither men nor women dared put their hands on it, stop it, turn it from its course, mess with it, manipulate it, own it, use it, or make her serve any personal or human agenda. She could not be undermined, ignored, bought, compromised, or sold. Men and women may oppose or deride her but their words and actions will not deter her because she comes from God and her time has come. They may even die if they try. She was terrible but she was also beautiful, and maybe beautiful because she was terrible; I could not separate these qualities. But she was gentle at rest. She had the power to nurture but with amazing strength. Her eyes did not seem to look at the earth, they seemed fastened on heaven. There was absolutely nothing petty, self-serving, feminist, angry, or needy about this woman.

At the moment these are words for women. It is what women are called to be and are becoming. This is God’s agenda. It is on the way. As has been said, We don’t know who we are. When this woman begins appearing in us we will begin to understand that the war against the True Feminine has been to stop her arising. As she appears men will find they are dealing with something they haven’t encountered before. In her they will know they are meeting their equal and essential counterpart and complement, and there will be awe and acknowledgement. Not because she demands it but because it must be so. It will be a holy partnership and union – a restoring of the Image of God on the earth. This woman won’t be fighting for women’s rights because THIS woman won’t need them! Men need not fear her because her appearing means the restoration of the image of God on the earth and wider.

She had a quality which I believe didn’t belong only to women. When men see THIS woman they won’t be so resistant to True Femininity in themselves, but she will epitomise it most.

Women may resist her arising because she challenges notions of a woman’s nature, role and place. Men may also for the same reasons.

Two weeks before this vision I heard, over and over, the words,” I’m coming in, I’m coming in, move over.” I can’t help but wonder if they have something to do with the arising of this beautiful and terrible half of the Image of God. I can’t be sure but I wonder.

There is more to this. I believe that what I saw was the way she intends us to know her at this time. There are no doubt other qualities but not for now. They may have to do with heart, love, compassion and mercy but they won’t be sweet and nice. They will come from the heart of God him/her/self.

There is always a danger, when you try to describe in mere words something you are sure you saw and experienced, that you can misinterpret. I hope this hasn’t happened here. This is as faithful an account of what I believe I saw and experienced as I can produce as this time. The scripture, Songs 6:10 is a fitting description of what I saw.

Briar Whitehead, Lower Hutt
New Zealand March, 2017

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