‘Touched and rendered quiet’

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Spiritual Reflections

I wrote this (edited a bit)to some wonderful friends who inquired about my well-being. I thought others might like to see it too.

I’m doing well and facing this time with some joy amazingly. I seem to be having a little increase of wonderful conversations with the Lord and I know it’s what the circumstances with its difficulties are reducing me to be able to enter.

I’ve discovered that what you hear from God is totally dependent on where you stand. It gives me a new look at the Island of Patmos for John and the chains of Paul: the garden of Gethsemane and the cross: the martyrdom of Peter and the ten others. Foxes Book of Martyrs!

We are not here to fight the devil but to walk with God during our time in this evil saturated world but focussing on that which is good.

We are a very special people who are being ‘touched and rendered quiet’ in deep acceptance of the satanic fact of death reigning in this world, but, that we live now in another where that death is our now victory. How complete is the defeat of Satan and all he tried to do.

I truly bless you all in your path with God. May He open your eyes to the chariots all around. May you walk intimately and profoundly in the place where the Father can share His secrets; the place of miracles and where the supernatural hand of God abounds, where loving sons and daughters kneel.

His glory is being seen upon us and will increase continuously as He, the Daystar, rises in our hearts and His glory will fill all the earth.

The photo accompanying this is of Orama where the Fatherheart Ministeries Inheriting the Nations School is run. Our schools primary purpose is to bring all who come to a walk with God like Jesus’ walked and walks with Him. Sonship!

It’s on an island 60kms from the mainland. It was privately dedicated to the Lord back in the 1880’s and has been a world affecting prominent site of Christian ministry since 1964. It is a thin place where heaven and earth breathe closely.

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