What did God want?

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During the time of God creating all that we know as the universe including all life on earth, it’s makeup, purpose, ways of living, minds, wills, emotions and hearts etc. etc. etc. a question must have been occurring to Him all of the time. WHAT DO I WANT?

At every stage of the creation this question was His personal challenge and each decision was from the full cohesion out of the whole of His inner being and of the way His mind thinks, His nature is and His power can create and by revealing, say: this is who I am in all of what I am.

His question for Himself always was, WHAT DO I WANT?

But as we look at God’s will our question as humans is, WHY DID GOD WANT THINGS THIS WAY?

For us to even be at the door of knowing God we must be asking Him who He is. Loving Him demands that we come to understand His Living Being; nature, mind, will, heart and His ways of acting. Knowing Him, relating to Him and loving Him is a progression of advancement in this direction as our primary and final direction.

Our question can seem to be a deeper question than His. ‘WHAT DO I WANT’ is His question but WHY, GOD DID YOU WANT THINGS THIS WAY?, is our question, which may seem more searching.
But our question is the question of the lesser to the greater. You see God never needed to ask ‘Why do I want this or that’. That was never an issue because He, acting out of being the full and perfectly complete Person with total purity of a completed nature, nothing corrupted. He is and always was all knowing and therefore there is nothing to learn more for Him because He knows the end of all knowledge with no loose ends to tie up. He simply asked Himself, from this sure knowledge Himself in it’s perfection and completeness, WHAT DO I WANT?

But for us the question ‘WHY DID GOD WANT THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE?’, is our prayerful door into finding out who God is in His nature and mind to want things this way.

Our big questions of God are ‘WHY? And from that we will find out the WHO! Who is God! But God always knew who He is and so the WHY of His ways is unquestionable to Him.

Also only as we discover who God is, from the revelation of the Holy Spirit in personal connection, will we be able to continually say, I LOVE THE LORD with the reality of truth. God Himself will say of us, we are speaking truth when we say this because only in continual discovery of Who He is are we actually walking in a real relationship with Him. Every real relationship is the interaction and enjoyment of the bouncing back and forth in direct connection of our deep selves with another and this causes a growing realisation of who each of us are to the other. So it is with us and God.
We usually say that the Will of God in our situations is something that He reveals to us for us to act on. He will tell us certain things to do and places to go. He will direct us to rub shoulders with certain people and serve, talk and listen to people according to our early development needs especially. But as we grow older in the Lord He will draw us closer to Himself and be our inspiration and teacher, our almost silent guide, our inner enlightener and enabler. Here we realise that the journey is a journey into Him and His Being. Our geography moves become incidental in our path, but of course significant for those to whom He sends us.

(Now let me just drop this here: To date I have completely circumnavigated the earth forty nine times not counting short trips to Africa, Nth and Sth America, many nations of Asia from Korea to India and many of the Pacific Islands from Taiwan and the Philippines to Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. So I am not negating that God leads us geographically but just saying that our journey into God’s person is the path and destiny of our lives.)

And of course as we journey in to Him ….. His nature (His full person), His mind(the total of all knowledge) and His Will (the desire and drive in Him to enlarge Himself, to share, to multiply and present greater clarity of Himself, and to give Himself) ….. He gives this, His GLORY to all created things: (us included!) This Being of Himself begins to be seen in our faces, words and walk; as His Being, was seen in Jesus of Nazareth, in His disciples/apostles, in Paul of Tarsus and the people of the silver stream of faith down through the ages till now, mostly unheralded. (It is what we call the anointing of God upon us) It will continue in those who hunger to know the WHY’s of God’s actions and words and truly find His presence and mercies and person real as the word says, new every morning. Those who get caught up in the Loving of God as their Father and their loving of Him as sons, will be taken onwards as history will be written and the future becomes the past for those after us.

On this path David walked and one of His most significant statements of His life with God was, “I have surpassed my teachers”. (Psalm 119:99-102) Teachers point us to God and inspire us to the climb but there comes the time when God takes us deeper, higher and further than any human ministry can.

This is our path. Walk it well my friends and finish the work He gives you to do.

(I’ve just read this through again and I realise that it may take, generally, several readings to grasp that it’s a foray into understanding how the will of God works within Himself.)

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